Tailored to your workplace.

Do you want to improve the performance, co-operation and work ethic of your department? Are you having trouble finding activities that fit around your schedule and budget? Are you ready to have an unforgettable experience? We run tailor made Team Building events to suit your needs. We cater to small groups, departments and full companies and the whole plan is created through consultations to provide you with the perfect team building event. In the past we have held Team Building Workshops on stationary boats, at restaurants, in the workplace, outdoors, in hotels and much more. Below are some themes that we offer to help you get a better idea of what we can provide.


Time to be scientists, detectives and heroes all rolled into one. In the not so distant future, a dangerous mind-controlling toxin is ready to be released into the water to complete ‘ project Z’ and reduce the population for years, has mysteriously disappeared, but a mysterious note gives the first details of where the components of the vaccination can be made and found. Using the varying strengths of the people in the group, the newly found scientists must recreate the vaccine before it is too late.



Where will it stop? Nobody knows! A blindfolded tour where each destination is a wonderful surprise. The group will be taken on a tour bus to various and very diverse places in and around Singapore city. Each place a mystery, but sure to provide a new challenge and bonding experience for the group!


Explore the natural world around you and all the things you can do with it! Embark with a scavenger hunt style adventure around the colonial forest of Alexandra Park, strengthen your connections with nature and each other in the beautiful surroundings of Hort park and a gardening workshop, and then make your way up in the world through Kent Ridge park and then trek up Mt. Faber to get a delicious reward and a glorious descent.


Become actors for the day and create your own movie. Storyboarding, plot development, characters, script, scenes, costumes then lights camera action!

Get dressed up and attend your very one VIP premier screening! A fun and collaborative full day of creativity with a fantastic memory to treasure forever.


The group is divided into smaller sub groups. They are each given a set of clues which either specify or lead to different challenges to be completed by the team.

Following the route markers and using only the budget they are given the teams will need to complete a variety of obstacles and challenges for the body and the mind to get to the end of the amazing race!


What can you do with your imagination?
The group will stretch their minds and creativity with tailored exercises.

Team Building and bonding is a Evolve Arts Corporate speciality. We will help your team have fun together, get to know so much more about each other and bond in a safe and enjoyable environment.  As well as Amazing Races, Scavenger Hunts and all sorts of games.


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